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Launched in 2020, the online store PICKROCKS is one of the best Multi Vendor Marketplaces in Bangladesh that offers exclusive foreign and high quality local products of security, cosmetics, jewelry, accessories, electronics, appliances, kids’ intelligent and smart toys, health and beauty products etc.

We are a young team of well established Software Engineer, Businessman, Banker, qualified professionals and dedicated Women Entrepreneurs work together with enormous love for serving people. It’s an excellent team who dares to think big and isn’t afraid to be extraordinary. Most importantly, we believe that customer is our first priority and every day our customer can have a special day with happy shopping of guaranteed quality products and service. That’s why our mission is to provide one stop online shopping with unique products and well thinking where you can enjoy every single shopping with every single item. PICKROCKS is an excellent e-commerce website/platform for merchants and retailers having quality products who are always welcomed to register in order to sell their products.

Along with the online marketplace PICKROCKS has its own “Prime Store” where products are directly collected from authentic manufacturers or firsthand overseas dealers. PICKROCKS will build long term relationships with the production partners, each one rooted in trust and a commitment to excellence. In that consideration, buyer and seller communication is very important for us, so PICKROCKS will maintain buyers and sellers real-time communication to give assurance to the buyers to receive trusted products and services. The dedicated team of PICKROCKS will definitely monitor all facilities related to the customers and always welcome complaints about dissatisfaction to ensure that PICKROCKS is the most reliable e-commerce website.

Our vision is to provide nationwide secured service and establish B2B, B2C and SaaS e-commerce in order to help underprivileged entrepreneurs who can create a market for their products without any hassle. PICKROCKS is not only an online store but also a standout e-commerce platform in the competitive market with multiple brands and vendors. 

PICKROCKS is focused on excellent shopping experience, customer satisfaction, quality products and services with reasonable price and hassle free shopping. We have our own Express courier management system with care because we know your demand. Each customer wants their order delivered at a pace that suits them. 

Our website (www.pickrocks.com) is going to be handy and user friendly for our customers that they can easily order from us rather than go to the shop for saving valuable time. Follow us on facebook page (fb.com/PickRocks) and twitter to stay updated about promotional offers. If you have any query, please don’t hesitate to reach us.

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